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Freightliner Argosy Overview

The New Generation Freightliner Argosy is a versatile and efficient truck with a low tare weight. This COE truck is available in 6x4 or 8x4 configurations, and can be rated up to 140 tonnes GCM. You have the choice of the very best in North American engines, either Detroit Diesel DD15 or Cummins ISX. Both provide you with high horsepower and great fuel efficiency. Delivering up to 600 hp and a massive 2050 lb-ft of torque, all engines are ADR80/03 compliant and are easily controlled with Eaton's Ultrashift automated transmission or Freightliner's SmartShift™ automated shifter.

The Argosy is the ideal truck for longhaul, tankers, livestock, bulk, towing, logging, low loaders, construction, b-double and  roadtrain. Features include:

  • Spacious cabin design with a flat floor, dash mounted gear lever and ample internal storage
  • Aerodynamic mirrors - electronically adjustable and heated with spotter mirrors
  • Curved 24 degree aerodynamic windscreen provides an uncompromised view
  • Split windscreen – for reduced replacement costs
  • Adjustable steering column with telescopic and tilt capacity
  • Ergonomic dash with lowline instrument panel
  • SmartShift™ fingertip control over Eaton UltraShift transmissions*
  • Cruise control and traction control
  • New optional robust square fuel tank design
  • Aero kit – easily removable (mid roof only)
  • External locker-boxes with internal access
  • Enhanced design chrome grille
  • Customised factory paint options

Argosy Power

With the Argosy you get the option of engines from two of America's greatest engine manufacturers, Detroit Diesel and Cummins. With lots of power, the Argosy can handle almost any load.

Engine highlights:

  • Option of Detroit Diesel DD15 engine with up to 560hp (418kW), 1850 lb-ft or Cummins ISX and Signature Engines with up to 600hp, (448kW), 1850/2050 lb-ft.
  • Detroit Diesel's DD15 market leading "Extended Warranty Agreement" (EW2) looking after you for 5 years*/1,000,000 kilometres*/500,000 litres fuel burn*/15,000hours* (*whichever comes first)
  • Integrated Jacobs Engine Brake means lower emissions, and a smoother, quieter engine with the Detroit DD15
  • Available with Eaton Manual, or Ultrashift and SmartShiftTM paddle
  • Exhaust, Vertical After Treatment Device (ATD)
  • 1,650 in² (10,645 cm²) single aluminum radiator
  • Horton 2 speed DriveMaster Polar Extreme fan clutch
  • Donaldson air filter with optional inline separator

Argosy Style & Comfort

Freightliner Argosy

The Argosy is a truck with the reputation for being "the World's most comfortable workplace". One step into the Argosy cabin and you can see why. It has a completely flat floor, 6'7" of headroom, the swing out steps, and air-suspended seats -  just a few of the features that will make you want to settle in for the long-haul.

Choose from 4 options: 90" mid-roof, 101" mid-roof, 110" mid-roof, and 110" raised roof for two-up sleeping. Whichever option you choose, you'll enjoy the exceptional comfort of the Argosy. Other highlights include:

  • Ergonomic dash – low line instrument panel for improved visibility
  • Burl wood grain with bright finish instrument bezels, ivory gauges
  • SmartShift™ fingertip control over Eaton UltraShift
  • Electric windows and door locks
  • Cruise Control
  • Adjustable steering column with telescopic and tilt capacity
  • High-performance air-conditioning unit
  • Spacious 'stand up' driver friendly living area, flat floor throughout the cab with up to 6'7" of headroom
  • Ample internal storage, clever compartments and internal access to external locker boxes 
  • Large bunk and sleeping area with privacy curtains
  • Range of bunks up to 51" wide with twin bunk in raised roof option
  • Aerodynamic side mirrors that are electronically adjustable and heated
  • Swing out driver's side staircase with optional passenger's side staircase for safe cabin access

Argosy Specs

8x4 and 6x4 options in Prime Mover Package or Truck and Trailer package 

90" mid roof sleeper cab
101" mid roof sleeper cab
110" mid roof sleeper cab
110" raised roof sleeper cab
*nb: 8x4 only available with 90" cab


Detroit Diesel DD15
Upgradeable to 560 hp with no engine hardware change
> 500 hp (373 kW), 1850 lb-ft
> 530 hp (395 kW), 1850 lb-ft
> 560 hp (418 kW), 1850 lb-ft

Cummins ISX/Signature
Upgradeable to 600 hp with no engine hardware change
> 485 hp (362 kW), 1850 lb-ft
> 500 hp (373 kW), 1850 lb-ft
> 525 hp (392 kW), 1850 lb-ft
> 550 hp (410 kW), 1850 lb-ft
> 600 hp (448 kW), 1850 b-ft  

Transmission  To suit engine and GCM^
>Eaton Manual
>Eaton UltraShift with SmartShift™ paddle
Rear suspension

Max GCM^
> Freightliner AirLiner™ 46K, Air Bag, 106 tonne
> Hendrickson PRIMAAX™ EX 460, Air Bag, 140 tonne
> Freightliner TufTrak™ 46K, 6 rod/steel spring, 140 tonne
> Neway AD-246, Air Bag, 140 tonne

Dual leveling valves optional 


> GVM 24,000kg
> GCM 80,000kg (b-double) / 90,000kg (road train)
> GVM 31,740kg
> GCM 80,000kg (b-double) / 90,000kg (road train)

^ GVM and GCM ratings are for standard equipment only in on-highway operation. Off-highway operations and higher ratings are available with approved Daimler Trucks Technical Application Data (TAD) form.

  • ICU4M Driver Message Centre (DMC) with 2x20 display, keypad and ivory face gauges
  • Low air pressure warning light and buzzer
  • Primary / secondary brake circuit air pressure gauges
  • Tandem rear axle temperature gauges
  • Engine coolant temperature gauge 
  • Engine oil temperature and pressure gauges
  • Transmission oil temperature gauge
  • Voltmeter
  • Analogue clock
  • Two extra switches with wiring to back of cabin




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