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Mercedes Benz Atego Overview

The Atego is a leading truck in light duty short-radius distribution. Whenever space is tight, whether in inner-city areas or on a construction site, this compact truck will achieve what others cannot. The 12-23 tonne Atego is an ideal work partner with low costs, outstanding reliability and excellent driving comfort. 

To be successful in the distribution sector, a truck needs to provide lower fuel consumption, longer service intervals and a high degree of reliability; three areas of achievement in the development of the Atego powertrain.  


The Atego is equipped with the fuel-efficient and reliable BlueTec® engines, designed for economical operation and are optionally available with a Euro 5 rating. The Telligent® engine management system further supports the engine's economy.

The new engine start/stop system cuts fuel consumption even further. The engine start/stop system switches the Atego off when it is idling for longer periods of time, for example, at a red light. It switches the engine off and automatically restarts it when it needs to move again. The system makes the vehicle more cost-effective and environmentally compatible.  


With a choice of four cab variants, three different cockpits and an array of equipment options, the Atego can be your ideal truck for many jobs in the light duty distribution sector.The Atego is also available as a 4x4 truck.

Mercedes Trucks - Atego 

Atego Models & Specs

The Atego is available in the following models:

  • Rigid
  • All-wheel drive (4x4)

Atego Specs

Engine & Configuration Power            Standard Cab         Transmission GVM              GCM Download Specs

1224 L 4x2

326 hp S-cab 6 speed synchromesh 11,990kg 16,390kg

Mercedes-Benz Atego 12XXL specs

1229 L 4x2 286 hp S-cab 9 speed synchromesh 11,990kg


Mercedes-Benz Atego 12XXL specs

1624 L 4x2

238 hp S-cab 6 speed synchromesh 16,000kg 20,400 kg

Mercedes-Benz Atego 16XXL specs

1629 L 4x2 286 hp S-cab 9 speed synchromesh 16,000kg

20,400 kg

Mercedes-Benz Atego 16XXL specs

2324 L 6x2

238 hp S-cab 9 speed synchromesh 23,000kg 27,400kg

Mercedes-Benz Atego 23XXL specs

2329 L 6x2 286 hp S-cab 9 speed synchromesh 23,000kg  27,400kg

Mercedes-Benz Atego 23XXL specs

1629 LF 4x2 286 hp S-cab 6 speed synchromesh 16,000kg 20,400kg

Mercedes-Benz Atego 1629 specs

1629 A 4x4 286 hp S-cab 9 speed synchromesh 16,000 kg  20,400kg

Mercedes-Benz Atego AWD specs

 * - GCM with trailer brakes

Atego Cab Options


The Atego comes standard with the S-cab, a day cab particulary suited for short-radius distribution work. In addition, there are other cab options with the Atego, making it suitable to a variety of applications. 

Choose from four cabs for a wide range of applications. The two L-cabs have space for comfortable beds for jobs that call for extended resting periods. While the two S-cabs are ideal for city distribution – compact external dimensions yet spacious on the inside.

The L-cab with raised roof offers outstanding comfort and room for two beds. For operations where rest is essential, the comfortable L-cab is equipped with a single bed. The S-cab variant extended at the back offers additional stowage and an even greater sense of space. The standard-specification S-cab is the perfect choice for city distribution.

 S-Cab    S-Cab with rear extension panel  



Compact day cab, lightweight materials for better payload, roomy on the inside
An extra 180mm room at the rear; more stowage and greater sense of space for the driver
  • Aerodynamic front bumper
  • Cabin access via 3 stairs
  • Windows in rear cabin wall
  • External sun visor
  • Remote central locking
  • Stereo CD player with Bluetooth
  • Hard wearing cloth and velour fabric seat
  • Driver's airbag and seatbelt pre-tensioner (not off-road vehicles)
  • Optional centre seat



  • Aerodynamic front bumper (3 piece steel with off-road vehicles)
  • Cabin access via 3 stairs
  • External sun visor
  • Remote central locking
  • Stereo CD player with Bluetooth
  • Hard wearing cloth and velour fabric seat
  • Driver's airbag and seatbelt pre-tensioner (not off-road vehicles 
  • Optional centre seat


 L-Cab    L-Cab with raised roof  



Available with all on-road models, distribution style cabin with some space behind the seats and a bed
Extra spacious and offers standing room. Can seat up to 6 people. Same interior as L-cab and offers the following:
  • Aerodynamic front bumper
  • Cabin access via 3 stairs
  • Windows in rear cabin wall
  • External sun visor
  • Remote central locking
  • Stereo CD player with Bluetooth
  • Hard wearing cloth and velour fabric seat
  • Driver's airbag and seatbelt pre-tensioner (not off-road vehicles)
  • Optional centre seat/bunk combination
  • Single piece lower bed, 68.5cm wide
  • Stowage above windscreen


  • Optional 70cm wide luxury upper bed 
  • Optional seat/bunk combination which incorporates a double bunk that can be folded into bench seating with 4 seatbelts








A host of equipment variants and configurations are available to give your cab the personal touch.

The Atego Powertrain

The Atego delivers on economical operation with it's high-torque 6-cylinder engines, gearshift systems, transmissions and axles - all aligned for your specific application. Effective power transmission is largely dependent on the fine tuning of the engine output, transmission and rear-axle ratio. With that in mind, Mercedes-Benz gives you four transmission choices to get your Atego powertrain just right.

Engine features:

  • Euro 4 and Euro 5 BlueTech® engines provide very low emissions without compromising on power
  • Telligent® engine management system coordinates a highly efficient combustion process, further contributing to low emissions and greater power
  • Use of low-maintenance and no-maintenance components and service fluids
  • Cast iron cylinder heads include 2 inlet and 2 exhaust valves on each head.
  • Constant throttle exhaust brake valve incorporated into the cylinder head and a single turbocharger drives the intake system for optimum power

Transmission features:

  • Choose from 6-speed synchro-mesh transmission, Allison Automatic transmission or a 9-speed direct transmission (with eight gears plus crawler gear)
  • With the 175 kW (238 hp) engine variant, choose the 6-speed transmission system, or optionally available is the Telligent® automatic gearshift.
  • With the 210 kW (286 hp) engine variant, the transmission is handled by a mechanical-hydraulic 9-speed direct-drive transmission.
  • With the 9-speed direct transmission the crawler and reverse gear ratio make precise maneuvering is possible at low vehicle speeds
  • Telligent® automatic gearshift is available

The low-noise, low-maintenance drive axles have a positive effect on fuel consumption. And boasting a large number of different ratios, they deliver optimum drive configurations to handle virtually all applications.

The Chassis Components

The Frame

The Atego frame was specially designed with the demands of short-radius distribution in mind. It comprises a two-piece design with the front section made of two downward-sloping longitudinal members with a Z-profile. This enables the front part of the frame to be lowered and also allows more room for attaching assemblies. No frame reinforcements or sub-frames are required for the addition of a tail lift (with a load-bearing capacity of up to 1.5 t).

Bodies can be pre-assembled and easily fitted with the 50mm hole pattern, and no further drilling required when mounting any attachments and other units, such as tanks, exhaust systems and batteries. With the cathodic dip priming and no extra drilling, the truck's frame is better protected against corrosion, thereby maximising a truck's service life.

The suspension

Three types of suspension are offered with an Atego. Parabolic springs and maintenance-free rubber molecular bearings are fitted as standard and provide a comfortable drive and excellent stability. Enjoy even greater comfort and handling with the maintenance-free air suspension – with rear-axle wishbone for all Atego trucks weighing 12 t and above. Choose either as air-sprung rear axle in combination with steel springs at the front axle or, optionally as full air suspension from 12 t. The Telligent® level control system comes as standard, which allows the frame to be raised and lowered with ease.

The Brakes

The Atego is available with disc brakes all round or drum brakes for AWD vehicles, depending on the vehicle model, each with ABS as standard. Feel confident of short stopping distances with a constant-pressure system operating at 10 bar on a permanent basis. There is no fade or delayed response, even after the brakes are used repeatedly in quick succession. An engine brake and constantly-open throttle valve are available as standard.




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